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Understanding Packaging Effectiveness — and How to Boost Yours

Custom packaging effectiveness can play a key role in the safety of your products and the connections you forge with your customers. When you opt for unique packaging that goes beyond standard white or brown cardboard to bring your brand to life using authentic imagery and messaging, you stand out from the competition and build better connections with your customers. You also ensure that your packaging is equipped to keep your product safe and in its best condition.

With the right partner on your side, you can ensure your investment is put to good use and your products — and bottom line — are protected. When you invest in custom packaging for your products, you want to trust it to protect your offerings throughout its journey to your customer’s hands. You also want to ensure it showcases your brand in an authentic and vivid manner to make the most impact on your customers and help build brand loyalty.

Learn more about the factors that impact packaging effectiveness and how you can boost yours to support your bottom line and see better results.

Packaging Effectiveness: Beauty and Strength

The best product packaging will combine enhanced durability with authentic aesthetics to deliver the ultimate experience to your customers. If your packaging isn’t up to the challenge of keeping your product safe, or if it delivers a lackluster and unmemorable experience, you harm your relationship with the consumer.

Customers have made it clear: the condition of their purchases is of top importance. One study found that 79% of consumers are unlikely to repurchase products if the delivery is damaged. First impressions are vital to creating a long-lasting relationship with your buyers, and the wrong packaging can make your products memorable for the wrong reason. Maintaining a pristine experience is also important — 39% of brands experience reduced customer loyalty when their products arrive damaged.

This is especially true for food products. 91% of customers who receive their food in poor condition or with damaged packaging will request a refund or complain to the restaurant, which erodes brand loyalty and harms your customer experience. For food providers, taking the time to ensure your packaging is up to par can result in enhanced loyalty and help you deliver the best experience possible.

Aesthetics can also play a role in your packaging effectiveness. Bland or brand-less packaging fails to communicate your brand’s imagery and build recognition, which can weaken your engagement with your customers. If your customers don’t have something to remember your brand by, whether it be your logo, brand’s colors, or messaging, it’s more challenging to grow customer loyalty.

For the most effective packaging, you must consider the top factors and ensure your products are set up to impress with the right packaging solutions.

Considerations for Packaging Effectiveness

To boost your packaging effectiveness, consider:


When you opt for corrugated packaging, its effectiveness is amplified by the powerful protection and design versatility this material offers. Durable corrugated materials can offer enhanced protection for your products, keeping them safe and in their best condition through transit. These materials are distinguished by their levels of fluting and can be purchased in flexible single-wall options with only one layer, as well as double and triple layers, which are thicker and more durable. These options allow you to tailor your packaging to best suit the needs of your unique products with the help of a dedicated packaging manufacturer.

This material is also highly customizable and serves as a perfect base for printing. When you partner with a packaging manufacturer with advanced design and printing capabilities, you can produce vivid and eye-catching packaging that mirrors your branding and connects with your customers.


The design of your packaging is vital to stand out and impress your buyers. When you partner with the right packaging manufacturer, you can leverage their graphic design team to discover the best way to highlight your brand through printed packaging. At Arvco, we’re proud to offer an award-winning design lab dedicated to bringing your brand to life through beautiful packaging. With more than 3,600 square feet devoted to excellent design, we have the machines and the team to take your packaging to the next level. Our patented and award-winning designs are known for their stunning effects and they’re ideal for transforming dull packaging into something that does more to showcase your brand.


When you want to certify that your packaging is up to the challenge of protecting your products, turn to testing. You can run a full series of evaluations before you carry out your packaging on a large scale to ensure it meets certain standards of safety and will perform well in its intended environment. Put your packaging effectiveness to the test with Arvco’s in-house ISTA/UN DOT & Hazmat-certified testing lab. Our fully-equipped testing lab can measure for a diverse range of standards, empowering you with the confidence you need when you invest in better packaging.

Custom vs Standard

Still not sure if you should go the custom or standard packaging route? When you choose custom, you have more opportunities to make it your own and ensure it’s ready to impress and serve your customers. With Arvco, you can tailor your packaging to perfectly protect your product and showcase your brand with custom options. We keep custom projects on time and within budget so you can trust that choosing custom won’t slow you down or harm your bottom line.

Your Packaging Partner

Achieving the best packaging for your products requires the right partner with the equipment and capabilities to bring your demands to life. Arvco is proud to serve as the go-to partner for so many businesses across a range of industries, and within every project we take on, we’re dedicated to delivering the best results tailored to your product and needs. We work hard to bring your vision to life so you can reap the benefits of quality custom packaging.

Achieve the Ultimate Packaging Effectiveness with Arvco

At Arvco, we’re committed to ensuring our customers protect their products and build connections with their buyers using custom packaging designed to deliver maximum effectiveness. Our start-to-finish capabilities pair with our industry partnerships like the AICC to deliver impressive custom packaging that maximizes safety and beauty. From food service to industrial clients and more, we support customers in many industries and offer sustainable yet high-quality solutions designed and printed to match precise specifications.

Get in touch today to level up your packaging effectiveness with our solutions.