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Government Packaging

As one of the most versatile state-of-the-art corrugators in the country, we at Arvco Container Corp. are proud to be able to provide Government institutions with a wide variety of packaging solutions.

As a HUBZone certified U.S. small business, we help bring work to a historically underutilized business zone. We believe that it is important to invest in our employees and the surrounding community. Click here to learn more about what it means to be HUBZone certified!

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National Stock Number List:

National Stock NumberSizeBoard GradeStyleJoint
8115-00-079-874516x16x16275# CRSCGlue
8115-00-079-882320x20x20275# CRSCGlue
8115-00-079-882524x12x10275# CRSCGlue
8115-00-179-057918x12x10275# CRSCGlue
8115-00-183-948814x12x8V3C BRSCGlue
8115-00-183-949610x6x4W5C BRSCGlue
8115-00-190-49206x6x18V3C BRSCGlue
8115-00-190-486522x10x16W5C BRSCGlue
8115-00-281-38828x8x12V3C BRSCGlue
8115-00-290-338618x15x-5-1/2200# BRSCGlue
8115-00-290-338718x18x18200# CRSCGlue
8115-00-292-012030x16x16V3C BRSCGlue
8115-00-360-285848x40x36V11C BCRSCGlue
8115-00-428-412424x24x10V3C BRSCGlue
8115-00-559-551645x14x221100# CAARSCGlue
8115-00-559-999646x46x221100# CAARSCGlue
8115-00-559-999945x22x221100# CAARSCGlue
8115-00-576-84284x4x6125# CRSCGlue
8115-00-579-840723x23x231100# CAARSCStitched
8115-00-616-914727x19x141100# CAARSCGlue
8115-00-616-914824x11x111100# CAARSCGlue
8115-00-616-915021X19X14-3/41100# CAARSCStitched
8115-00-616-915124x24x141100# CAARSCGlue
8115-00-616-915317x15x101100# CAARSCGlue
8115-00-616-915443x18x131100# CAARSCGlue
8115-00-774-656248x40x361100# CAAHSC/LidGlue
8115-00-782-39407-1/2 x 7 x 3-3/8200# BRSCGlue
8115-00-901-643447-1/2 x 39-1/2 x 281100# CAATube/LidStitched
8115-00-926-488746x38x361100# CAARSCStitched
8115-00-935-590486x31-3/4x35-1/41100# CAARSCStitched
8115-00-935-590643x31-3/4x35-1/41100# CAARSCStitched
8115-00-993-279130x30x301100# CAARSCGlue
8115-01-166-64586X6X15V3C BRSCGlue
8115-01-166-646220x10x10V3C BRSCGlue
8115-01-598-165020x20x20200# CRSCGlue
8115-01-601-741616x16x16200# CRSCGlue
8135-00-013-896148x120V3C BSheetN/A
8135-00-132-906748x96V3C BSheetN/A
8135-00-163-792548x961100# CAASheetN/A
8135-00-240-822458x110V3C BSheetN/A
8135-00-281-411336x120V3C BSheetN/A
8135-00-281-411872x120V3C BSheetN/A
8135-00-664-409248x96275# BSheetN/A

Points of Contact:

Dale Slucter
Trade Sales Manager
PH: 269-381-0900

Sierra McNee
GSA Administrator
PH: 269-381-0900 ext. 256
Cell: 269-254-7314

Cage Code: 2U477
DUNS: 054771142

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June 2, 2023

Arvco Container Awarded 2023 APEX ACCELERATOR Best Small Business

May 24, 2022 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Sierra McNee GSA Administrator Arvco Container Corporation Kalamazoo, MI Phone: (800) 968-9128 x 256 Email: ARVCO CONTAINER AWARDED 2023 APEX ACCELERATOR BEST SMALL BUSINESSES KALAMAZOO, MI – Arvco Container Corporation is proud to have been awarded the APEX Accelerator Best Small Businesses from…
March 10, 2023

Arvco Container Awarded SBA Hubzone Certification

We at Arvco Container are proud to have been awarded with HUBZone Certification from the U.S. Small Business Administration. In this post, we’ll look at what this means for our clients and us. What is a HUBZone Certification? HUBZone stands for the Historically Underutilized Business Zones program. This program, established…
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February 13, 2023

What’s the Difference Between Corrugated Boxes and Cardboard Boxes?

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