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HUBZone-certified Government Packaging

State-of-the-Art HUBZone-certified Government Packaging Solutions

As a HUBZone certified U.S. small business, we help bring work to a historically underutilized business zone. We believe that it is important to invest in our employees and the surrounding community. Click here to learn more about what it means to be HUBZone certified!

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National Stock Number List:

National Stock Number Size Board Grade Style Joint
8115-00-079-8745 16x16x16 275# C RSC Glue
8115-00-079-8823 20x20x20 275# C RSC Glue
8115-00-079-8825 24x12x10 275# C RSC Glue
8115-00-179-0579 18x12x10 275# C RSC Glue
8115-00-183-9488 14x12x8 V3C B RSC Glue
8115-00-183-9496 10x6x4 W5C B RSC Glue
8115-00-190-4920 6x6x18 V3C B RSC Glue
8115-00-190-4865 22x10x16 W5C B RSC Glue
8115-00-281-3882 8x8x12 V3C B RSC Glue
8115-00-290-3386 18x15x-5-1/2 200# B RSC Glue
8115-00-290-3387 18x18x18 200# C RSC Glue
8115-00-292-0120 30x16x16 V3C B RSC Glue
8115-00-360-2858 48x40x36 V11C BC RSC Glue
8115-00-428-4124 24x24x10 V3C B RSC Glue
8115-00-559-5516 45x14x22 1100# CAA RSC Glue
8115-00-559-9996 46x46x22 1100# CAA RSC Glue
8115-00-559-9999 45x22x22 1100# CAA RSC Glue
8115-00-576-8428 4x4x6 125# C RSC Glue
8115-00-579-8407 23x23x23 1100# CAA RSC Stitched
8115-00-616-9147 27x19x14 1100# CAA RSC Glue
8115-00-616-9148 24x11x11 1100# CAA RSC Glue
8115-00-616-9150 21X19X14-3/4 1100# CAA RSC Stitched
8115-00-616-9151 24x24x14 1100# CAA RSC Glue
8115-00-616-9153 17x15x10 1100# CAA RSC Glue
8115-00-616-9154 43x18x13 1100# CAA RSC Glue
8115-00-774-6562 48x40x36 1100# CAA HSC/Lid Glue
8115-00-782-3940 7-1/2 x 7 x 3-3/8 200# B RSC Glue
8115-00-901-6434 47-1/2 x 39-1/2 x 28 1100# CAA Tube/Lid Stitched
8115-00-926-4887 46x38x36 1100# CAA RSC Stitched
8115-00-935-5904 86x31-3/4x35-1/4 1100# CAA RSC Stitched
8115-00-935-5906 43x31-3/4x35-1/4 1100# CAA RSC Stitched
8115-00-993-2791 30x30x30 1100# CAA RSC Glue
8115-01-166-6458 6X6X15 V3C B RSC Glue
8115-01-166-6462 20x10x10 V3C B RSC Glue
8115-01-598-1650 20x20x20 200# C RSC Glue
8115-01-601-7416 16x16x16 200# C RSC Glue
8135-00-013-8961 48x120 V3C B Sheet N/A
8135-00-132-9067 48x96 V3C B Sheet N/A
8135-00-163-7925 48x96 1100# CAA Sheet N/A
8135-00-240-8224 58x110 V3C B Sheet N/A
8135-00-281-4113 36x120 V3C B Sheet N/A
8135-00-281-4118 72x120 V3C B Sheet N/A
8135-00-664-4092 48x96 275# B Sheet N/A

Points of Contact:

Dale Slucter
Trade Sales Manager
PH: 269-381-0900

Sierra McNee
GSA Administrator
PH: 269-381-0900 ext. 256
Cell: 269-254-7314

Cage Code: 2U477
DUNS: 054771142

HUBZone-certified government packaging

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