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Comparing Single Wall and Double Wall Boxes: Understanding the Differences

Corrugated cardboard boxes are made from a fluted paper sheet sandwiched between two layers of liner paper. The size of the flute and the weight of the paper determine the strength of the board, and therefore the box. There are several types of corrugated cardboard boxes available, including single wall, double wall, and triple wall.

Single wall boxes are commonly used for packaging lightweight products or for shipping items that don’t require much protection. However, the strength of single wall boxes can vary greatly. The strength of a single wall box depends on the interior flute layer, which can be made of different thicknesses and have different properties.

Double wall boxes, on the other hand, are constructed with two layers of corrugated cardboard with a liner board in between. This construction provides added strength and stability, making it ideal for heavier or higher value items that need extra protection during transit.

Triple wall boxes, which are even stronger than double wall boxes, are a good choice for heavy-duty products such as large electronics. The added layers provide extra protection against moisture and help keep the contents dry. Triple wall boxes are also suitable for longer-term stacking storage and are commonly used for house moving.

When choosing the right corrugated cardboard box for your product, there are many factors to consider, including the size, weight, and fragility of the item. Your sales representative can help you determine the best option to protect and ship your product.