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How to Find the Right Heavy Duty Packaging for Industrial Applications

Industrial facilities require heavy duty packaging to support large and complex products. Without it, these products risk damage, which can be costly and difficult to replace. Whether you’re a metal fabrication facility seeking better packaging solutions for your customers’ custom parts, an automotive company in need of sturdier packaging to support automotive products through shipping, or another industrial manufacturer ready to level up with specialized packaging, we’re here to help.

Learn more about heavy duty packaging and how you can maximize your packaging’s effectiveness with the Arvco team on your side.

What is Heavy Duty Packaging — And Do You Really Need It?

Heavy duty packaging goes beyond alternatives to deliver even more durability and rigidity to keep industrial products safe. When industrial manufacturers use standard packaging not designed for the needs of their complex products, they risk product damage, which can be very expensive and time-consuming to remedy. It can also degrade the trust of their customers who receive poorly protected custom products or are forced to wait through another lengthy production cycle in order to reproduce what’s broken.

Using the wrong packaging for industrial products can also lead to an unsafe experience for your employees and the teams involved in loading and unloading your products. If a box breaks, it poses a risk to those moving it and may lead to injuries. It’s important to equip your unique industrial products with the right heavy duty packaging to deliver a safer experience and better protect your teams, products, and bottom line.

Heavy Duty Packaging: Find the Right Fit


Heavy duty packaging is designed with the needs of heavier or more complex products in mind, such as agricultural or automotive equipment. These products require specialized solutions that offer the sturdiness and support necessary to keep them safe through the duration of shipping.

Corrugated packaging is designed to deliver enhanced protection and better hold the weight of your products without compromising strength. It’s a highly strong material that still maintains a lightweight quality, helping to reduce shipping expenses without compromising quality. It’s available in a wide variety of options, including specialized triple wall selections that deliver the ultimate strength. This choice has three layers that protect

Not sure what packaging is right for your needs? Our experts are here to help — contact us for personalized support.


Choosing the right packaging for your industrial needs requires assessing the volume of packaging you’ll require. If you’re producing high volumes of manufactured goods, your packaging partner must be equipped to provide enough packaging to support your needs. Maintaining the proper packaging inventory is vital to meeting the deadlines of your buyers and ensuring you can store and ship your industrial creations without delay.

At Arvco, we’re equipped to handle high volume packaging needs and we work efficiently to produce your solutions in the timelines you demand. Our advanced shipping capabilities and essential partner network of packaging providers across the nation empower us to deliver your custom products even faster and ensure you’re never left without enough inventory to satisfy your demand.

Safety Standards

The best way to ensure your packaging is equipped to protect your products is to ensure it meets the necessary standards of safety through testing. Whether you want to test the compression your packaging can withstand, how it performs when free-fall dropped, or how well it can handle water absorption, turn to your packaging provider for support. With the right testing ahead of time, you can feel assured that your packaging is up to the challenge of protecting your industrial products and deriving the best results for your business.

At Arvco, we offer a diverse range of third-party tests to certify the protection of our heavy duty packaging. Our commitment to delivering the highest quality packaging is supported by our continuous testing and rigid quality control, ensuring your products are designed to match your precise requirements and offer the total protection you require. Explore our tests and discover how you can leverage our capabilities to design higher-quality heavy duty packaging.

Contact Arvco for Advanced Heavy Duty Packaging

When you need heavy duty packaging to support your industrial products, turn to our team. Arvco has served customers with superior corrugated packaging solutions for decades, and we’ve tailored every step — from design to printing to testing and beyond — to serve your needs. With our support, you can count on advanced heavy duty packaging to perfectly protect your products and prepare you for the best results.

Our long-standing industry partnerships and reputation build trust in our customers for how Arvco goes a step further to serve the needs of our industrial customers and others. We’re also proud to offer more sustainable packaging engineering support and use eco-friendly materials to deliver maximum strength and durability without compromising sustainability. Additionally, we have a range of certifications — including an ISO 9001 accreditation — to hold us to the highest standards in manufacturing excellence.

Ready to level up your heavy duty packaging with the right partner on your side? Talk to our team today to discuss the best packaging for your products.