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What are Corrugated Boxes — and How Can They Support Your Bottom Line?

what are corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes are the go-to choice for many businesses seeking sustainable, superior protection for their products. More durable and customizable than cardboard boxes, these materials can better showcase your products visually and effectively. They’re known for their high quality and customization and can be designed, printed, and assembled based on your unique needs. 

For food products like pizza, corrugated materials are a perfect match due to their protective nature and branded printing options. Corrugated packaging keeps hot food warm for customers and offers vital protection for products enduring a long shipping process, from furniture to automotive parts and more. 

In this blog, we will answer the question “What are corrugated boxes?” and explore why they’re ideal for your packaging needs—plus, why Arvco is the ideal partner.

What are Corrugated Boxes — and How Do They Differ from Cardboard?

Corrugated boxes are made from more durable materials and are multi-layered, including an inner and outer liner, as well as a fluted middle. This unique design allows for enhanced durability and flexibility while remaining lightweight enough to offer shipping advantages. There are many different types of fluting available, which vary based on their strength and sturdiness. The ‘A’ flute option is the thickest and is a perfect match for products that require extra protection, while the ‘F’ flute is the thinnest and is ideal for packaging that requires stiffness. An expert packaging manufacturer can work with you to discover which style is best for your needs. 

This advanced material offers superior protection and customization than cardboard, which is paper-based and lacks the same structural support. Corrugated boxes of all kinds offer superior support and can be tailored to the size and style you require. They also make the ideal canvas for branding and graphics that can speak to your customers and spark a connection to your brand.

Corrugated boxes are the best choice for shipping because cardboard can’t withstand the environmental and physical conditions that come with the transit process. Whether your products require a long shipping journey across sea or land, or they simply need to arrive safely from a pizza shop to your customer’s residence, you can count on corrugated boxes to deliver the best results. With a corrugated box, you can trust your products and your bottom line to be better protected.

What Can Corrugated Boxes Be Used For?

Corrugated boxes serve a wide range of applications, thanks to their flexibility and customization nature. 

Food Boxes

Corrugated materials offer prime advantages for food boxes of all kinds, from pizza to catering boxes and more. With its strong insulative qualities, flexibility, and protective nature, these boxes make a much better alternative to cardboard in their ability to protect your food products and keep them in their best form for your customers.

Dive Deeper: Check out how Arvco can support your food packaging needs with expert solutions tailored to your unique products.


Metal and plastic manufacturers rely on durable corrugated boxes that can withstand the weight of their products and keep them protected on their journey to their customers. With the right packaging partner, you can count on your corrugated boxes to utilize the right type of fluting to protect and support your products, from manufactured goods to automotive parts, agricultural components, and more. At Arvco, our quality packaging is used to support a wide range of industrial needs and ensure these products stay ready to impress.

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Corrugated boxes are a perfect match for government-contracted packaging needs, especially when you partner with Arvco. Our team is HUBZone-certified, a certification awarded to businesses that work in a historically underutilized business zone. With our team, you can enjoy certain benefits to your costs and invest in a growing business community. 

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Arvco: Leading Partner for Corrugated Boxes Since 1971

Corrugated boxes are incredibly versatile and with the right partner, you can bring your specifications to life with high-quality packaging solutions, no matter your niche. When you need high-quality corrugated boxes to protect your products and engage customers with vibrant branding, turn to Arvco. 

Our team offers extensive project support and capabilities for printing, designing, and assembling your corrugated boxes and more. Since 1971, we’ve worked hard to deliver the best results for our customers with reliable packaging that protects your products and supports your bottom line. Our certifications showcase the unique features that make us an ideal partner and our deep commitment to quality.

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