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Stand Out and Impress: Packaging Design Tips

Packaging design tips

When 64% of customers try a new product because the packaging catches their eye, it’s important to ensure your custom packaging is designed to stand out and impress. Whether you’re hoping to stand out on the shelves with vivid packaging or catch eyes and secure future sales with your catering solutions, you can follow packaging design tips to achieve better results.

The design of your packaging is influenced by a range of factors, from the materials you choose to the style and graphic printing. The right materials pair with the smartest design and the best-quality printing to create custom packaging that wows your customers, protects your products, and boosts your brand’s reputation. Because you’re investing in packaging, ensuring it provides these benefits will support your bottom line and make your investment worth it.

Learn how to maximize the value of your packaging investment when you follow our top packaging design tips and choose the best partner. 

Your Packaging Matters 

Packaging can play a key role in the condition your products remain in through their journey to your customers. It’s also an essential brand-building tool that can be used to showcase your company’s logo and messaging to customers and forge a deeper relationship with them, encouraging brand loyalty. This brand loyalty can translate into more business, supporting your bottom line and your products.

In fact, 30% of businesses report an increase in consumer interest when they pay attention to packaging. These benefits apply across many industries, from restaurants with eye-catching to-go boxes to product manufacturers from all sectors. No matter your industry and challenges, you can count on well-designed packaging to take your customer interactions to the next level and build your brand while keeping your products secure.

5 Top Packaging Design Tips 

1. Evaluate the Top Materials

The materials you use for your packaging will determine its protective nature and printing capabilities. Choosing corrugated materials over other choices can be cost-effective while delivering superior results. Corrugated packaging is available in a wide variety of options that can be customized to deliver even more protection. It’s also the perfect base for designs and is compatible with many printing methods. 

2. Choose Eye-Catching Colors

Custom packaging should be memorable and build your brand’s identity. Without it, you risk failing to connect well enough with your customers to build name recognition and loyalty. Consider the colors you use — choosing a brand-accurate color over standard brown boxes can make a bigger visual impact. It can also help you stand out and show your customers that you went the extra mile to provide a customized experience. 

3. Consider Tailored Styles

While standard box styles serve as a tried-and-true choice, there may be an even better solution for your needs when you choose the custom route. Consider customized packaging styles that adopt unique structures to suit your products better. This may include containers that mimic the shape of your product, like a pizza slice container, that way it can offer superior protection. 

4. Use Your Words Effectively

Putting your brand’s name on the box can be an effective way to build name recognition and encourage customer loyalty. The name of your business is incredibly important for customers to remember — it’s what they’ll look for or search online to rediscover your business. With the right custom packaging, you can prominently highlight it. Consider adding a logo or message for your customers to remember as well, which can ensure that’s memorable. You can also consider adding other key information pieces like your address, phone number, or even a discount so they’re encouraged to purchase again. 

5. Work With the Right Team

When you’re investing in custom packaging, it’s important to work with an expert team that has the tools and experience needed to achieve your vision. The right team will work hard to ensure your packaging is designed with your needs in mind and that it reflects your business in a memorable and eye-catching way. 

At Arvco, we’re proud to serve as a go-to packaging partner for food and industrial products. Our turnkey approach ensures every step of your packaging design meets the highest standards. With our design capabilities, you can hone in on the key features that make up your ideal packaging. Next, we’ll manufacture and print it with high-quality materials so you can achieve the best results. Finally, our in-house third-party testing capabilities certify it matches precise industry standards and is ready to keep your products safe through transit. 

Choose our team to follow smart packaging design tips and enjoy better custom packaging as a result.

Ready to Follow Our Packaging Design Tips? Contact Arvco Today

At Arvco, we’re committed to transforming your packaging needs into high-quality custom solutions that wow your customers and support your bottom line. Our start-to-finish support pairs with our genuine commitment to supporting our customers to ensure the packaging we create is high-quality and entirely tailored to meet your needs. Enjoy the unique value of an Arvco partnership when you leverage our extensive in-house capabilities to get better results faster and more reliably. 

Whether you’re seeking food packaging, industrial solutions, or another key choice, we’re here to help with high-quality, sustainable packaging customized to match your needs. We’re also HUBZone certified and make the perfect partner for government contracts that require working with companies from historically underutilized business zones. 

Get in touch with us today to enjoy the Arvco difference, follow trusted packaging design tips, and level up your packaging to impress your customers.