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Achieve Better Protection and Brand Visibility with Corrugated Food Containers

corrugated food containers

Corrugated food containers empower you to bring your brand to life and better protect your products with custom solutions. Without the right protection, you risk your goods arriving to your customers in poor condition, which can dampen your reputation and turn away future buyers. The wrong food containers can also cause you to miss out on a crucial connection opportunity with your customers that leaves a memorable impression due to your brand’s colors and logo.

From printed pizza boxes to unique catering boxes and much more, you can choose from a wide array of options to package your food products in the most convenient and impressive way — and keep them safe until they reach your customers. Learn more about how you can achieve superior results with the right corrugated food containers and manufacturer on your side. 

Advantages of Corrugated Food Containers

Corrugated food containers are a powerful element that protects your food products from start to finish. The material is known to be durable yet flexible, allowing it to be manufactured in the shape and style that best suits your needs. Whether you’re seeking catering supplies, custom to-go boxes, or another solution, you can count on these corrugated containers to support you. 

Their advantages include: 


Corrugated food containers offer the ideal protection for food products because they’re durable and strong, helping to cushion your cargo and keep them from getting easily crushed through transit. They also offer unique insulation benefits to food products, key for keeping your hot foods fresh and warm for customers to enjoy. The right corrugated food containers will protect your products and your bottom line. 


These unique solutions can be produced in many different formats, allowing you to tailor your food packaging to what best suits your product. The material is also ideal for printing, resulting in high-quality and vivid prints that showcase your brand’s colors, logo, and messaging. Don’t settle for a plain brown box — stand out and build a lasting impression of your brand when you choose tailored corrugated packaging.

Produced in High Volumes 

It’s important to ensure that your chosen packaging is going to satisfy the demand of your customers. Without it, you risk running out of packaging and needing to find urgent solutions, which can be costly and less effective. Instead, choose corrugated food containers, which can be printed in high volumes to ensure you always have the packaging you need to protect your products. 


These corrugated solutions are naturally cost-effective and offer shipping and storing benefits because of their lightweight nature. This allows you to save costs as compared to more expensive alternatives without sacrificing the quality and advantage that corrugated food boxes bring. 


Corrugated materials can be recycled again and again, and they’re a much more sustainable choice than common alternatives. This means you can lower your environmental impact when you choose to use this unique packaging, which can also impress customers and help them feel better about purchasing food in single-use containers. 

Exploring the Types of Corrugated Food Containers

Corrugated materials are highly versatile, allowing for the production of many different types of containers tailored to your unique needs. When you work with the right team that specializes in designing, manufacturing, and printing your ideal packaging, you can trust you’ll find the best fit.

At Arvco, some of our options include: 

  • Pizza boxes and Slice Containers — This solution is perfect for protecting whole pizzas or single slices and is a favored choice by many restaurants and catering companies. Our pizza solutions are strong, insulating, and can be customized to match your brand’s exact specifications.
  • Lunch Boxes — Do you sell catering lunch options for company gatherings and other events? It’s important to impress with your packaging and ensure every component of the meal stays fresh and safe until the box reaches its recipient. Choose our lunch boxes and customize them to bring your brand to life.
  • Meal Containers for To-Go and Catering — Whether you’re seeking steam pans or custom catering to-go boxes, we’re here to help. Our meal options for to-go and catering are highly versatile and serve as a trusted solution for keeping meals safe on the go so customers can enjoy them without worry.
  • Custom Choices — Do you have a unique product that requires an even more tailored solution? Our packaging experts can help you transform your needs into a custom solution that satisfies every demand. We’ll work with you to establish your needs and challenges before developing a specialized solution to protect your products.

Contact Arvco for Custom Corrugated Food Containers Today

Ready to level up your food protection with the right products? We’re here to help. At Arvco, we work hard to protect food products with high-quality packaging tailored to match the needs of our customers. Our unique full-service approach ensures better quality from start to finish. We’re here to help with design support, manufacturing, printing, and even testing your packaging to certify that it meets necessary standards and will remain strong through the duration of transit. 

As a family-owned company with decades of experience in meeting the needs of our customers and going beyond competitors, we’re proud to serve as an industry leader in food packaging. We’re also a HUBZone company, making us the perfect choice for contracts seeking to work with businesses from historically underutilized areas. 

No matter your needs, our team is here to help you find the right solution. Talk to us today to discover the best corrugated food containers for your organization.