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3 Tips for Better Furniture Packaging

furniture packaging

Furniture requires high-quality packaging to keep each piece properly protected and ready to impress your customers. Whether you’re producing fragile mirrors or heavy armoires, each piece of furniture has unique protection requirements to ensure it stays in its best condition through shipping. A custom furniture packaging manufacturer can help you address these needs with strategic solutions that match your product type, shipping modality, and individual challenges.

Without the right packaging solutions, your products are at risk for shipping damage, which can damage your reputation and turn away customers. This can be time-consuming and expensive to fix and puts your bottom line in jeopardy. Don’t settle for standard packaging that can’t achieve optimal safety — go the custom route and enjoy protection designed for your needs. 

Read on to learn more about the traits of high-quality furniture packaging and explore our three top tips to level up your packaging with the best team on your side: Arvco.

What Makes Furniture Packaging a Good Choice?

Furniture has unique needs for packaging because it can be heavy, large, or unique in shape. This forces packaging manufacturers to think outside the box and find the best solutions to mold around your products and offer enhanced protection to fragile furniture. They can help stabilize and secure your furniture so it’s easier for teams to load and unload — and for customers to feel confident their furniture will arrive in its best form. 

Furniture may also come in individual pieces, which require special attention from packaging providers to ensure each piece stays together and is ready for customers to open. With the right furniture packaging, you don’t have to worry about your products arriving without the right pieces needed to build them; you can trust that durable and well-designed packaging keeps everything in place and secured. 

To best protect furniture, packaging must be designed to hold up to these unique challenges and still deliver long-lasting performance. This requires working with the right manufacturers who take your needs into consideration and provide the design and testing support you need to feel confident in your investment. 

3 Top Tips for Better Furniture Packaging Results

1. Consider Your Materials Carefully

The material choice is critical — with corrugated packaging, you can count on enhanced durability and customization that can withstand the heavier weights and unique challenges of furniture. Corrugated packaging is also lightweight and it can be produced efficiently without losing its highly customizable capabilities. You can also choose even more durable corrugated options, like triple-wall packaging, to withstand even more weight. 

At Arvco, we work directly with our customers to understand your needs and recommend the best material and style to support your products.

2. Leverage Smarter Packaging and Graphic Design

When you work with a team like Arvco, you can count on advanced design support to ensure your packaging matches your needs and is tailored to the specifications of your products. Every product is different, and this is especially true within the furniture industry: whether you’re supplying bed frames, office chairs, or kitchen tables, you have unique product needs that must be factored into the design of your package. 

The design of the physical packaging is important, but don’t neglect the visual designs — your graphic printing can help complete your packaging and impress your customers. It can also ensure your packaging is properly labeled to inform customers of what it holds or of any necessary information for opening the box. At Arvco, we provide total design solutions for packaging so it looks and performs to the highest standards for your business.

3. Test It for Proven Results

The best way to guarantee your packaging is designed to meet your needs is to test it before you begin to use it. This allows you to ensure it will properly function to support your products and that it meets every necessary standard.

Some packaging partners offer testing capabilities that let you see how well your packaging meets the requirements for the application.  At Arvco, we have a diverse range of third-party testing capabilities that you can trust to certify the highest quality standards. Our tests allow you to feel confident your furniture packaging is ready to protect your products.

When you invest in packaging, you can put yourself ahead and protect your investment by ensuring it meets your needs ahead of time.

Choose Arvco for Quality Furniture Packaging Today

At Arvco, we work hard to provide the best furniture packaging to our customers so you can protect your products and impress your customers. Our efforts serve to protect your bottom line and your furniture, and we offer diverse services in-house to meet your needs. We design, manufacture, print, and test each of our products under one roof to save you time and money and ensure our products are made to your standards. 

We’re proud to be a family-owned and operated business with a long history of industry-leading service. We’re also HUBZone certified, allowing customers to support business growth in historically underrepresented regions. With our industry network, a team of skilled packaging experts, and a commitment to exceptional quality, we’re the perfect match for your project needs.

Contact our team today to level up your furniture packaging.